Who We Are ?

We seek to create an evironment that leaves behind the uncertainty in booking models and photographers

Born out of a need to find reliable models for freelance projects and workshops, BOOKR aims to provide a platform for professional networking between trusted photographers and reliable models. To put it bluntly, BOOKR is about being paid for your time. Not in prints or comments but in currency.

While you are welcome to post what ever is in your portfolio, this is not a site for nude photography casting simply because nude has little to no commercial value and there are other sites which can handle this kind of casting.

Not anyone can join BOOKR unchecked. The models listed on this site have been previously booked for projects undertaken by Spine Media or have modelled at one of the workshops held by Spine Media Training. The same screening process has been applied to the photographers within the site. It’s only through this process can professionalism be ensured.

Latest casting


Clubs are not safe right now and nor are bars.
Photography in 2 groups of 5 are fairly OK – If you have the space – Which we do.

Every second friday night, we will have two models ( alternating between each group) where each group will have 1.5hrs with one model followed by 1.5hr with the next. Each group is limited to five people.


What we do

BOOKR ensures that when you post a casting for you get quality responses.


As we are a new site, not everything will be plain sailing.

Nothing. Though there may be paid options at a later date, there will always be a free option.

Because sometimes people will say anything to get the gig which wastes time for too many people

There will at some point in the future be a trainee membership

Not just yet, but it’s in the pipeline